A safety and security training session was organized under the People Unite for Justice and Accountability (PUJA) project in Colombo led by human rights activist Ruki Fernando for 24 representatives from Center for Human Rights and Development, Peace and Community Action, Right to Life and NPC.

The programme aimed to enhance the participants' knowledge and practices in safeguarding their operations against potential threats, underscoring the importance of strong security measures in the unpredictable climate of humanitarian work.

NPC is spearheading efforts to foster political consensus on accountability, an essential component for inter-ethnic reconciliation and the reinstatement of public trust in Sri Lanka. Throughout the past months NPC has been conducting a series of district level information sessions, engaging 750 state officers to underscore the significance of Transitional Justice (TJ) in Galle, Hambantota, Kalutara, Monaragala and Kurunegala.

NPC also convened meetings in Matara and Gampaha with various groups from its extensive network ranging from religious leaders to women leaders and state officials to advocate for truth telling to foster a collective understanding and commitment for TJ.

"Our aim is to facilitate inclusive dialogue and collaboration, paving the way for lasting peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka," one of the participants said.

The project's partner, Peace and Community Action (PCA), organized a training programme on enhancing the understanding of TJ and reconciliation for 25 participants from the Ampara and Trincomalee districts to deepen their understanding of TJ concepts and foster collaborative dialogue. PCA has also been documenting land rights violations and holding meetings with government officials to address the issues through the District Truth and Justice Forum, amplifying community voices and seeking justice for affected individuals.

A TJ awareness meeting was conducted for Journalists for Rights, a trade union partner of Right to Life.

Senior journalist and editor C. Dodawatta emphasised the media's critical role in promoting TJ and sustainable peace, urging journalists to educate the public on the ethnic conflict’s historical roots and the importance of fostering a pluralistic society.

The meeting introduced the creation of TJ stories for the upcoming PUJA website, encouraging journalists to investigate and share their communities' experiences.

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