In Kandy, a group of women is paving the way to enhance political representation for women within the region. These trailblazers were initially part of the Women Organized for Inclusion through Community Engagement (WOICE), a project that covered seven districts across Sri Lanka. Although the project has concluded, their commitment to fostering change in their communities continues.

Some of the women initiated United Women Voice of Democracy aimed at increasing female participation in politics. “The movement includes over 500 women from different backgrounds. I believe that the strength of women is showing through this movement,” said one of the organisers, Mrs. Siththi Rizmiya.

Leading the partner organization, Mrs. Sudharshini Prasangika, was confident in the solid relationships established with government officials and local leaders, which she believes are crucial for advancing the movement. These alliances are expected to provide support, resources and collaborative opportunities, thereby enhancing the movement's role in promoting women's political engagement.

The United Women Voice of Democracy movement is an example of how the WOICE project has made a lasting impact by showing what can happen when women come together and speak up for change.

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