The progress review meeting of the advanced certificate course on Sustainable Peace and Inclusive Service Delivery through Diversity was conducted in Negombo with the participation of representatives from Eastern, Jaffna, Ruhunu and Sabaragamuwa Universities, facilitated by NPC Chairman Dr. Joe William, NPC Treasurer Prof. T. Jayasingham and NPC Executive Director Dr. Jehan Perera.

Sixteen participants including the course coordinators representing the universities and resource persons provided lectures and practical activities. Participants conducted a detailed review of the five modules and shared success stories, how participants were selected for the course, participation, the methods used to launch the course, how effective the course was and how the course was implemented. Challenges they faced, unexpected results and lessons learnt were also discussed.

Ms. Surana Vanthila, a course participant at Sabaragamuwa University, said, “We held a language camp at an estate to put into practice what we learned theoretically during the course. Currently only 30 to 35 government officers are taking part but it would be good if others could join. The ambulance service is not coming here because of bad roads. Children on the estate have to walk 10 to 12 kilometres to go to school. These kinds of courses can involve many government officials and we have had an opportunity to think about the meaning of inclusion.”

The Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Ruhuna University, Mr. Renuka Priyantha, said, “Everyone on this course joined because we wanted to gain knowledge. Nonviolent communication was discussed in one module. Government officials who joined our course carried out an activity in the Hambantota Malay Colony to put what they learnt into practice. The aim is to find out whether these people live harmoniously and to practice nonviolent communication.”

Continuing to receive the contribution and support of the government to expand the provision of inclusive services creates a foundation for a society with equal opportunities and equal acceptance for all.

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