The Outcome Harvesting Programme was held in Negombo, bringing together 28 participants from Local Inter Religious Committees (LIRCs) to share and analyse their success stories.

NPC’s Executive Director Dr. Jehan Perera opened the session, setting the stage for productive discussions and promoting cooperative strategies among participants who explored the method of outcome harvesting, a tool used for evaluating project results. Several success stories were discussed, underscoring the positive effects of collaborative projects that uphold pluralism and the rule of law. Representatives from 14 different locations presented their experiences, showcasing effective teamwork and the transformative impact of collective action towards peaceful coexistence.

One success story from Bandarawela Local Inter Religious Committee (LIRC) in the village of Gonamutta where caste discrimination had long been an issue. To address this, Bandarawela LIRC hosted a Thai Pongal celebration that included both high and low caste members. Integrating traditional festivities with volleyball games, the event fostered unity and understanding between the two groups. Long term monitoring by the LIRC showed that inclusivity began to flourish, altering social dynamics and paving the way for increased harmony in Gonamutta.

The Outcome Harvesting Programme was not only a platform for documenting success but also a celebratory reflection on past achievements and a blueprint for future efforts. These narratives highlight the effectiveness of the strategies employed and serve as a source of inspiration for continuing efforts to foster unity in diversity.

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