In a world where the voices of youth are increasingly important, initiatives that nurture their potential to become tomorrow's leaders are essential. Recognizing this, the ARC project team recently organized a three-day residential training program aimed at religious coexistence and Mobile Journalism (MOJO).

Gathering 77 enthusiastic participants from diverse backgrounds across 14 locations, the program centered around empowerment, equipping young minds with essential skills and perspectives for shaping an inclusive future.

The program commenced with a session on Pluralism and Religious Co-Existence. Participants gained insights into the significance of embracing diversity and fostering mutual understanding in a multicultural society. The second day looked at Mobile Journalism (MOJO). Through a mixture of theory and practical exercises, participants were guided in utilizing their smartphones as powerful tools for storytelling and promoting social cohesion. Jeevarajah Sharan, a participant, shared his transformative experience, highlighting newfound knowledge and enthusiasm to utilize MOJO for constructive purposes. He mentioned that “this was my very first youth camp experience. On the second day, we learned about MOJO, and since then, I've been avidly sharing videos and photos without fully grasping the underlying theory. However, I'm now more aware of it. Looking back, I can recognize mistakes in the photos I took before this program. Initially, social media served as a platform to share everyday experiences, but now I understand its potential for fostering peace and social harmony. It was a truly eye-opening experience. The practical session taught me a great deal. I've come to realize that mastering MOJO isn't something that can be achieved in just one day; it's a complex subject. I'm eager to delve deeper into it, as Mr. Ruwan suggested”.

The final day saw participants in a session of Outward-Bound Training (OBT), facilitating camaraderie and fostering essential leadership qualities. Akesh Piyushanka, reflecting on the journey, emphasized the invaluable lessons gleaned from MOJO training in combating misinformation and fostering unity, culminating in a collaborative OBT experience that transcended language barriers and fostered a shared vision of collective success. He mentioned that “the MOJO training guided us in learning how to create flyers and videos effectively, and how to employ them in combatting fake news and hate speech. On the final day, we were divided into groups and underwent Outward-Bound Training (OBT). Interestingly, during this, there were no language barriers or issues. We shared a common aim, which led to success for the team. Through the OBT session, we were guided on how to become effective leaders and the essential factors for leadership. Particularly, it helped bolster our confidence in acting and making decisions.”

The ARC project team's aims to empower youth in shaping a future through empathy, resilience, and social cohesion. By equipping them with tools like MOJO and fostering essential leadership skills through experiential learning, the program also cultivates a community of changemakers committed to building a more inclusive and peaceful society.

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