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For the first time, Adam's Peak stood as a testament to unity and peace, decorated with messages in both Sinhala and Tamil, marking a historic moment of collective commitment towards bridging gaps between communities.

This event not only celebrates a shared dedication to understanding and harmony but also shines a light on the underlying tensions around the historical site. The different name boards at the entrance symbolise a place of pilgrimage and a crossroads of cultural and religious identities, highlighting the ongoing effort to find common ground despite differences.

NPC, in collaboration with Plural Action for Conflict Transformation (PACT) project, District Inter Religious Youth Group Nuwara Eliya and the Cultural and Environmental Society, joined the event to initiate actions for positive change.

Through planning and discussions, 40 peace messages were proposed of which 10 received approval from the Maskeliya Municipal Council. A total of 30 messages were placed at Adam's Peak to sow seeds of peace and harmony.

The messages served as a visual metaphor for the path to walk together to build an inclusive society; it embodied a shared commitment where each step is a step towards understanding, acceptance and collective growth.

About us

The National Peace Council (NPC) was established as an independent and impartial national non-government organization