NPC’s Welfare Society organised a Lenten event for staff as part of a broader approach to promote understanding and tolerance among its staff members of different faiths.

NPC invited Bishop Asiri Perera to explain about the season of lent and receive his sermon and blessings. He said that the reason Lent was 46 days long was because it included 40 days of fasting representing the time Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness plus six Sundays on which fasting was not practiced. These Sundays are considered mini Easters celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and were not counted in the 40 days of fasting.

Bishop Perera emphasised the spiritual component of fasting that contributed to faith.

By recognising and celebrating such religious observances, NPC not only fosters a culture of mutual respect but also enhances its team's ability to work effectively for a plural society in Sri Lanka.


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