An exchange visit to connect the communities of Mawanella and Mannar and promote cultural understanding was organized under NPC’s Action for Religious Coexistence (ARC) project.

The objectives of the visit were to facilitate the exchange of cultural values between the Mannar and Mawanella Local Inter Religious Committees (LIRCs); provide a platform for both LIRCs to share the challenges they face, fostering understanding and appreciation of different approaches to addressing these issues; and identify the cultural differences between Mannar and Mawanella, promoting peace and harmony among different ethnicities.

The 50 participants visited cultural and religious sites in Mannar and Anuradhapura.

Mr. Sampath Weerasuriya, a Skills Development Officer in Mawanella said, “Mannar is a multicultural location like Mawanella. This visit provided an opportunity to gain insights into the cultural, economic and political issues in the Mannar district.”

K.M. Aminulla, President of the Business Forum of Mawanella said, “It gave an opportunity to understand other religious individuals who are also members of the Mawanella LIRC team. Such dialogue contributed to building strong relationships within the team.”

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