As we usher in the new year, we share a glimpse of our recent office celebration for the Thai Pongal festival, a Hindu festival of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest, that was organised by NPC’s Staff Welfare Society.

We celebrated the festival not only to honour cultural traditions but also to strengthen the bond within our team. “If I had not joined NPC, I would not be getting the opportunity to learn about and celebrate Pongal,” a new staff member said. It was organized and led by our Hindu staff members who prepared the traditional Pongal dish and enlightened staff about the cultural significance and rituals associated with the festival.

Staff and board members highlighted the significance of remembering the practices of our ancestors and why they were still relevant today. Celebrating the diverse holidays in Sri Lanka encourages thinking about how cultural practices developed over time. It is also an expression of our unity and shared values and sets an example of practicing peace and unity.

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