The Puttalam Learning Conference organized by the Women Organization for Development, Equality, Peace, and Temperance (WODEPT) brought together 15 NGOs who are establishing peace and reconciliation in their district. The meeting aimed to provide a collaborative platform for NGOs to exchange their experiences, address challenges and share lessons related to peace and reconciliation efforts.

Participants, including directors, administrative staff and field staff, engaged in discussions exploring both successes and challenges across organizational levels.

Highlights included the positive impact of activities promoting peace in the Puttalam District as well as the support from the Sinhala community and Sinhala government officials to the Muslim community after the Easter Sunday attacks. The conference emphasised the continuous need for collaboration among organizations, fostering an united front in peace and reconciliation.

Discussions covered topics such as language learning, women's rights and political participation. The group emphasised the need for NPC to support them in future activities.

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