NPC has launched a three year project, People Unite for Justice and Accountability (PUJA), aimed at building public support for justice and accountability processes across ethnic divides. Supported by funding from the US State Department, the project will facilitate collaboration between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with international support to build pressure upon the state to ensure justice and accountability.

PUJA aims at contributing to long term reconciliation and peace through independent, credible, transparent, effective and victim-centric Transitional Justice processes.

NPC is collaborating with the Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD), Right to Life (R2L), Peace & Community Action (PCA) and Verité. Known for its network of grassroots human rights defenders, CHRD will enhance current initiatives to address human rights violations. By supporting victim accountability efforts, the organization will strengthen the basis of legal procedures.

Creating visibility for the initiative, R2L will document a wide range of human rights issues. Through the documentation of victim stories, it will contribute to the PUJA project by highlighting the human component.

PCA, which is well known for promoting nonviolence and community empowerment, will raise awareness of victims and survivors’ experiences in communities.

Verité, an independent think tank, will develop training materials for CSOs and conduct workshops, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of key findings and monitoring progress.

NPC will concentrate on raising awareness, advocacy and mobilising community groups for inter ethnic and inter religious peacebuilding. NPC remains committed to ongoing advocacy on Transitional Justice and engages with and supports the Office on Missing Persons. NPC operates through 17 district-based committees known as District Inter Religious Committees and 14 division-based committees called Local Inter Religious Committees, and has organic formations in 12 districts.

About us

The National Peace Council (NPC) was established as an independent and impartial national non-government organization