Lectures and course work for the advanced certificate course, Sustainable Peace Through Inclusive Service Delivery, are ongoing in the four state universities of Ruhuna, Sabaragamuwa, Eastern and Jaffna.

With the commencement of the lectures and coursework, NPC took a proactive step to assess the impact and progress of the programme focusing on its role in enhancing public service and fostering better delivery of inclusive services. The NPC team included Dr. Jehan Perera, Prof. Mookiah and Dr. Joe William. Students’ keen interest during the lectures expressed their motivation to enhance their skills and contribute positively to public service.

Two participants provided concrete examples regarding their academic and professional journey. Ms. Surani Vanthila, Grama Niladari (GN) of Galaboda GN division, said the percentage of Tamils in her division was about 75% and the provision of inclusive services to them was often difficult because of their low level of education and the time it took to work with them in an efficient manner. After the newly gained knowledge of the course, the understanding of going beyond a job description grew.

Ms. Sujani Menaka, who is working with the Department of Agrarian Services in Nivithigala, said implementing the acquired skills in mediation contributed to resolving conflicts between farmers and in fulfilling her professional duties. She revealed that the course provided this dimension to approach her work in a more humane and problem solving manner and, specifically, the possibilities of nonviolent communications in inclusive service delivery.

As a result, the course is making a tangible impact, empowering individuals to overcome challenges, enhance their job functions and contribute to a more rights-oriented and problem solving manner in public service. As the course progresses, so will the examples of positive transformations.

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