The Advanced Certificate Course on sustainable peace through pluralism and inclusive service delivery was launched at the University of Ruhuna. As part of the Freedom House project, the course will introduce a new dimension to the university in supporting the public sector to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.

The inauguration ceremony was attended virtually by the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Head of the Distance and Continuous Course units, Head of the Sociology Department and Executive Director of NPC Dr. Jehan Perera. NPC played an integral part in facilitating the development of the course modules as well as in assisting to offer the course through the university system.

During the orientation programme for the selected applicants, students were briefed about the course contents, university procedures and regulations and teaching methodology. Classroom sessions will begin in July.

Many participants have high academic qualifications. A Divisional Secretary said that although she had a Master’s degree, she wanted to learn how to improve service delivery in her work.

About us

The National Peace Council (NPC) was established as an independent and impartial national non-government organization