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Saturday, 20 October 2018 03:56

Technical Assistance to Justice Institutions in Sri Lanka

In collaboration with Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) NPC is implementing a project called Technical Assistance to Justice Institutions in Sri Lanka.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to an effective transitional justice process through the provision of tailored technical assistance and capacity building to key institutions and actors using a beneficiary-led approach.

NPC is responsible for enhancing popular understanding of Transitional Justice processes in order to foster its acceptance within all ethnicities and religions of Sri Lanka.

NPC is working on altering public perception of Transitional Justice using its networks developed over the past two decades, particularly through the District Inter Religious Committees (DIRCs) that consist of multi-ethnic, multi-religious community leaders, including government, religious, youth and women leaders. A particular focus will be afforded to the Sinhalese majority population and the southern provinces, where mistrust of Transitional Justice is most pronounced.

NPC is adapting content developed for training institutions on Transitional Justice mechanisms so that it has utility in improving awareness of the public and key community leaders, such as provincial lawyers, religious leaders, the military and other professionals.

Leveraging NPC’s existing public awareness activities and in collaboration with regional Bar Association of Sri Lanka branches, the NPC is providing a training of trainers (TOT) for key community leaders to learn about strategies for facilitating acceptance of Transitional Justice including how to raise-awareness of the multiple facets of Transitional Justice, promote understanding of the need for Transitional Justice for Sri Lanka to move forward towards prosperity, security and long lasting peace.

These leaders will then conduct a survey to assess attitudes towards and understanding of transitional justice among their communities. This data will be collated to create a document on FAQs designed to address the key misconceptions and concerns identified.

The leaders will use the FAQs and simplified Transitional Justice document as a basis for information sessions at community-based organizations, which directly address public concerns. They will share experiences at a Transitional Justice Champions meeting.

A media strategy will be coordinated with the Ministry of Finance and Media aimed at capitalising on existing efforts and maximising the impact of NPC activities. Through the media, including radio, NPC will communicate the lessons learned from the interviews, FAQs document and the experiences of the Transitional Justice champions to the public to amplify the impact of NPC activities.

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