December 2023

Transformative Workshop on Ethics in Communications for NPC Staff

Sharing an enriching experience of our recent workshop on Ethics in Communications, NPC staff enhanced their own capacity for peacebuilding. The two day internal workshop was a significant step in our ongoing commitment to fostering ethical communication within NPC and our work with partners and in the field.

With diverse perspectives and common goals, three distinct sessions provided a comprehensive exploration of ethics in communication, ensuring that our staff gained insights into various dimensions of ethical practices in their roles. During the initial discussions, majority of staff pointed out that there is a disconnect between the idea of ethical behaviour and practicing what you preach in their work and lives as peace builders, which very much echoes the idea of “peace starts at home”.

Coming from a lifelong career of journalistic experience and insights into the field, Lakshman Gunasekara provided the starting point for critical reflection. The session looked at steps in communications, digital media communications, privacy issues, the code of conduct for journalists as well as best practices and norms that may be applicable for NPC communications. Through discussions staff members gained valuable insights into the ethical considerations that should guide their daily communication practices.

Building up on this, Shashik Dhanushka delved into the realm of research ethics, guiding participants through the ethical considerations inherent in the research process. The session provided a framework for ethical decision making in research, ensuring that our work is grounded in integrity and respect for all stakeholders. It also entailed multiple case studies for group work in order to look at what would you do when implementing research and monitoring mechanisms in the field.

The final session, facilitated by Professor Minoli Salgado, highlighted the importance of navigating sensitive narratives with empathy, specifically in the context of trauma. Participants engaged in discussions on the ethical responsibilities inherent in sharing and mediating narratives of those affected by conflict, fostering a deeper understanding of the human aspect of peacebuilding.

NPC was honoured to have these distinguished, expert facilitators and academics leading the sessions that brought a wealth of experience as well as provided valuable insights into the ethical considerations that should underpin our daily work. As we return to our roles, the lessons learned from this workshop will undoubtedly shape our approach to communications. Moreover, the workshop aided in developing NPC’s own ethical guidelines. Recognising that ethical communication is fundamental to the success of our peacebuilding initiatives, NPC remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our endeavours.