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Friday, 11 September 2020 04:18

Analysing Conflict for Government Officers

Thirty-six government officials including Kegalle District Divisional Secretaries and District Secretary Mahinda Weerasooriya participated in a workshop on Reconciliation and National Integration Within a Pluralistic Framework under NPC’s Consolidating Ongoing Multi-Level Partnership Actions for Conflict Transformation (COMPACT) project.

Topics discussed included how to analyse conflict, reconciliation mechanisms and law and order. The workshop was facilitated by Aruna Jayathilaka, a lecturer from the Sabaragamuwa University, who discussed the pluralistic framework and how to analyse conflict. Lawyer Jagath Liyana Arachchi spoke on reconciliation mechanisms and law and order.

During the workshop participants formulated a workplan to build peace and reconciliation in the Kegalle district, which included activities to promote reconciliation in their areas.

During one session they identified incidents that took place obstructing the existing peace and reconciliation process. The participants found three main incidents and formulated a plan, using learnings from the workshop, to resolve the situations.

There was a musical session by Jayathilaka Bandara, who sang songs projecting the message of peace and reconciliation.

Mr. Weerasooriya said, “During the workshop I realised that pluralistic concepts are important to build and maintain the reconciliation process. We formulated a plan to promote the reconciliation process in the Kegalle district. The participants enjoyed the games and activities. I thank NPC for organizing the workshop after my request and want to wish it all the best in its future endeavours.”