Saturday, 07 April 2018 04:00

All Religious Leaders Join Tribute To Buddhist Monk in Jaffna

Leaders from all religions attended an almsgiving ceremony at the Sri Nagavihara Temple in Jaffna in memory of Ven. Meegahajandure Gnanaratane Thero, the former Chief Incumbent of the temple.

Jaffna DIRC members including Kurukkals, Moulavis and Christian priests joined about 60 Buddhist monks from around the country at the temple, where they were welcomed by Ven. Meegahajandure Siriwimala Thero, a member of the DIRC.

President Maithripala Sirisena was also present and joined Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith in offering gifts to the monks.

The decision to invite other religious leaders was an initiative taken by Ven. Siriwimala Thero to strengthen unity among religious leaders of all faiths. The practice of respect and equality for all religious leaders is a positive step towards building reconciliation.

Although there was some opposition in Jaffna to conducting a public funeral for Ven. Gnanaratane Thero, with the government’s permission it was conducted as planned. Ven. Siriwimala Thero invited religious leaders of the DIRC to the almsgiving as a gesture to show his keen interest to work with them to build harmony.