Tuesday, 09 May 2023 09:40

Training on Civic Rights

A training programme was conducted for 35 participants in Dehiowita on civic rights under NPC’s Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) project. In the aftermath of the economic crisis and rise of the protest movement, issues of civic space and freedom of association have become major challenges.

The training content included discussions on civic space and freedom of association and analysing problems using a tool.

The trainers were Mrs. Indika Weerawardena, Integration Reconciliation Officer for the Kegalle District, Ms. Rupa Keeragala Child Protection Officer at Divisional Secretariat and Mr. Janake Ihalagoda Development Officer in the Divisional Secretariat. “This is the first time that we are learning about civic rights and freedom of association. It is a good opportunity to learn about our role as citizens,” said Chairperson of Sumudu Women’s Organization, Ms.Vinitha Ranjanee. “This programme helps our organization to work for safeguarding of civic space.”