Thursday, 09 February 2023 15:19

Improving Public Service Delivery Through Education

NPC crossed a milestone in its peace building efforts with the Eastern University of Sri Lanka (EUSL) when it launched an advanced certificate course, Sustainable Peace through Pluralism and Inclusive Service Delivery, funded by Freedom House. The inauguration ceremony was held at the Centre for External Degree and Extension Courses (CEDEC) in Batticaloa. The Eastern University has accepted 35 applications from the district and divisional level public service officers and will bring in another seven from the university administrative staff who are front line officers serving a multi-ethnic student body.

The courses will cover inclusive service delivery, nonviolent communication for service delivery, service delivery in a plural society, front line service delivery and field practices. 
The inaugural session was addressed by Prof. V. Kanagasingam Vice Chancellor of EUSL, Dr. T Prabaharan Director of CEDEC, Dr. Joe William NPC Chairperson and Dr. Jehan Perera NPC Executive Director.

Prof. Kanagasingam said that a key aspect of state-citizen engagement lay in service delivery. The state at all levels - central, sub-national and local - provided a multitude of services to citizens.  The perception of the state, in the minds of citizens, was determined by how front line service delivery officers provided their service to communities and individuals. Being at the public interface, it was very important that the service delivery officers had the requisite skills, understanding and mindset that enabled them to be fair, equitable and impartial in the manner they delivered their services, he added.

Dr. Prabaharan said that the course was a milestone as it was the first one offered by the university and CEDEC in peace building studies. He added that the course would strengthen an user centred government service.

NPC will offer the course at the Universities of Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa in  February.