Thursday, 09 February 2023 15:16

NPC Discusses Local Government Elections

NPC members had a meeting with members of the Puttalam District Inter Religious Committee to discuss the upcoming local government elections.

NPC Executive Director, Dr Jehan Perera, addressing the gathering said that one of the areas of positive development at the present time was the commitment being made by the president to promote the reconciliation process. His willingness to implement the 13th amendment would provide for greater opportunities for power sharing at the local levels. The practice of democracy needed to be supported by institutions that ensured the inclusion of minorities into processes of decision making and that paid heed to minority voices, he added.

They spoke about getting candidates who were contesting in the area to inform the public about their suitability for the positions and how they were planning to fulfil their promises. The public should also be told about the basic qualifications of candidates, who should pledge to be free of fraud and corruption, to build public trust and to work with responsibility and accountability. It was emphasised that race and religion should not be part of the campaign strategy.