Monday, 08 August 2022 17:20

Government Officers Study Pluralism

NPC is collaborating with the Eastern University of Sri Lanka (EUSL) to hold a certificate course on sustainable peace through inclusive services delivery. NPC will offer the same course with the universities of Ruhuna, Sabaragamuwa and Jaffna under the Freedom House funded project, Pluralism and Inclusive Service Delivery.

NPC facilitated the development of the course and coordinated with university academics as well as other scholars during the process.

The six month course, which includes field studies and assignments, is the outcome of a survey done in 2019 where gaps in service delivery were identified. The course targets front line government officers and it is expected that, after learning about the concepts of pluralism and peace building, they will advocate for a pluralistic society in the long term. In the short to medium term, various ethnic and religious communities will receive the services and benefits available through government bodies without discrimination.

Government front line officers will learn concepts behind the effective delivery of inclusive services as well as methodologies to provide user friendly services that will result in improving effectiveness and efficiency of the services they deliver.

The event marks a milestone in expanding the mandate of NPC in promoting sustainable peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.