Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:41

Vocational Training to Uplift Marginalised Communities

Under NPC’s Freedom House Project, its Kegalle partner organization People’s Development Foundation (PDF), in collaboration with the Government Vocational Training Centers (VET), conducted a vocational training programme for marginalised youth in the plantation sector and helped them to get government support such as monthly season tickets. The project aims to uplift the socio-economic conditions of plantation and neighbouring village youth.

Sixteen youth were selected from Sapumalkanda Estate. An awareness meeting was conducted for the youth and their parents to advise them of the support to be gained from government officials. NPC Executive Director Dr. Jehan Perera handed over the season tickets to the youth for the month of May at the meeting.

Ms. Sharmila Jinath, Plantation Community Development Officer of Dehiovita Divisional Secretariat, explained the services provided by the Divisional Secretariat office for the development of the plantation community and promised her support to the project. Mr. Rohana Jayalath, Vocational Training Development Officer of Dehiowita Divisional Secretariat, spoke on the types of vocational training opportunities they could bring to the villages.

N. Janani, a vocational trainee, said that with the training and guidance she received during the programme, she was now confident that she could become a nurse. S. Sajeewan said he joined an air conditioner repair course and was sure of earning a good income for his family. He added that most of the students at the Batangala Vocational Training Center where he had studied were Sinhalese and he was the only Tamil student from the plantation sector. The Sinhalese students had treated him well.

Other courses offered included beauty culture, baking, mobile phone repair and motor mechanics. The youth and their parents were grateful for the opportunities given by PDF