Tuesday, 10 May 2022 09:47

Digital Media for Young Journalists

Under NPC’s Freedom House Project, in collaboration with Voice Our Talent (VOT Matara), a workshop was conducted by digital media specialist Mr. Kapila Ramanayake in Weligama for 50 young Sinhala and Muslim journalists on how make effective use of social media.

A practical training session was conducted on the King Master App that is used by digital media journalists. Participants developed an understanding of how to create and edit video clips for social media using a smartphone, which will help them to master the skills needed to work as community journalists.

Discussions were held on the need to build a young journalists' forum and a WhatsApp group was formed to explore various issues. Five video conversations on pluralism were posted on social media. Many of the young people said that they had not received skills training before and the workshop gave them an opportunity to use their smartphones to contribute to the peace building process. They were also grateful for being able to develop their journalistic skills.