Tuesday, 08 March 2022 09:22

Exchange Visit to Bridge Language Gap

An exchange visit for 23 Sinhala and Tamil Local Inter Religious Committee (LIRC) members was organized to Beruwala and Trincomalee under NPC’s National Languages Equality Advancement Project (NLEAP).

The first visit was to the Dalada Maligawa. Some Muslim participants thought that they would not be allowed inside the temple but they were able to go inside.

A peace walk with about 75 people was held to promote language rights with trilingual posters and stickers designed to highlight the equality of languages.

Certificate were awarded to 44 people who took part in the Tamil spoken class. Several events were arranged by the students to demonstrate their fluency in the other languages. Participants said the course was helpful for their career as well as to build coexistence among people in a multi cultural community.